By opening and connecting to the Light we can have an actual physical and tangible experience of the profound universal love that is all around us.


You can think of Light Coaching as a form of spiritual psychotherapy that helps to raise your vibration and frequency so you can move through limitations and heal any obstacles in the way of living a deeply meaningful and fulfilling spiritual life. Through affirmation, prayer, meditation, intention and process work you will learn to embrace and live your life to your full potential.

In a Light Coaching session we channel high vibrational energy and open to the deepest wisdom of the universe and allow this wisdom to guide us to what needs to heal. When we connect to Divine Light we feel nourished and supported and gain access to an expanded view of our lives. From this expanded place we can gently challenge and work through any self limiting belief systems. These systems were shaped in us by our early experiences in childhood and can be consolidated throughout our lifetimes.

When we connect to the The Light we can reach for expansion and a higher truth in our thoughts and develop a more compassionate view of ourselves. We can then learn how to take care of our wounded parts, to parent them in a loving and deeply supportive way so the scared, vulnerable parts inside, can feel safer and we can move forward with more confidence and ease.

Light Coaching allows us to raise the vibrational frequency of our emotional state by bringing healing light and energy into our present state, whether this is sadness, fear, anger, grief or loss and by opening a channel to the light and allowing it into these emotions they can be processed with a lot more ease. We can work through and process any emotional wounds and trauma stored in the body, gently releasing the heavier emotions so we can recover our natural state of joy, peace and love.

By opening and connecting to the Light we can have an actual physical and tangible experience of the profound universal love that is all around us. Through this experience we can develop a growing trust of our place in the universe, and the strength to follow our dreams, thus taking more responsibility for what we want in life

Through saying conscious prayers out loud and directly to Divine Light we connect to the source of the universe and can ask for help and guidance with our dreams and intentions.


Light Coaching Events


Light Coaching Workshops

In a light coaching workshop we begin by meditating and channeling spiritual energy into the room so we can create a high vibrational healing energy field so that just being in the room is healing and giving the cells in our bodies a spiritual cleanse, releasing blocks and tension in our energy field.

When this work is done in a group setting the energy that comes through can be particularly strong.

The next workshop is in March 2019.

Light Coaching Group Workshop

Sunday 3rd March, 2pm - 5pm Workshop
At the Wexford St Centre

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Individual Sessions

When we come together with the intention to do healing work, with a willingness to be open and vulnerable, a sacred space is created. The universe responds by sending high vibrational light and healing energy. 

Our work is simply to allow this energy in, to hold our feelings and ourselves in the conscious space we have created.

Individual Light Coaching is available in person or via Skype. Order below and Shelly will be in touch to find the best time for your Individual Session.

Light Coaching Individual Session
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“Shelly is an astounding healer, and I have encountered an enormous range of healers in my time, from psychiatrists to shamans.

Shelly uses a gentle, compassionate, and down to earth approach combined with her tremendous warmth and humour and her powerful connection to the light... she amazes me every time!”
   Victoria Mary Clarke, Dec 2015