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Spiritual Psychotherapy Workshops

In a Spiritual Psychotherapy workshop we begin by meditating and channeling spiritual energy into the room so we can create a high vibrational healing energy field so that just being in the room is healing and giving the cells in our bodies a spiritual cleanse, releasing blocks and tension in our energy field.

When this work is done in a group setting the energy that comes through can be particularly strong.

The next workshop is at the end of March 2019.

Spiritual Psychotherapy Group Workshop

Saturday 9th Nov, 2-5pm Workshop
At the Wexford St Centre

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Individual Sessions

When we come together with the intention to do healing work, with a willingness to be open and vulnerable, a sacred space is created. The universe responds by sending high vibrational light and healing energy. 

Our work is simply to allow this energy in, to hold our feelings and ourselves in the conscious space we have created.

Individual Spiritual Psychotherapy is available in person or via Skype. Order below and Shelly will be in touch to find the best time for your Individual Session.

Spiritual Psychotherapy Individual Session
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“Shelly is an astounding healer, and I have encountered an enormous range of healers in my time, from psychiatrists to shamans.

Shelly uses a gentle, compassionate, and down to earth approach combined with her tremendous warmth and humour and her powerful connection to the light... she amazes me every time!”
   Victoria Mary Clarke, Dec 2015